8D Colors Pro Made Fans

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Ya es una realidad, Ya están disponibles nuestros pro made fans en colores. Creados en abanicos perfectos 8D en un perfecto grosor 0.05. En esta hermosa caja de largos mixtos 8mm-15mm en la curva mas comercial que existe curva C. Dale color a tus clientes y muéstralos en Instagram queremos compartir tu talento. Recuerda que estos abanicos se colocan de la misma manera que la técnica clásica y con nuestro poderoso adhesivo crystal. 


It is already a reality, our pro made fans in colors are now available. Created in perfect 8D fans in a perfect 0.05 thickness. In this beautiful box of mixed lengths 8mm-15mm in the most commercial curve that exists curve C. Give color to your clients and show them on Instagram we want to share your talent. Remember that these fans are placed in the same way as the classic technique and with our powerful crystal adhesive.